Welcome to Jen-Lawrence.us, your best source about talented actress Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer had participated in a few films and TV Shows on her early years, but it was not until 2010, when with her hit movie 'Winter's Bone', she got her first nomination to the Academy Awards. After this movie, all that came her way was a complete success, playing the strong Katniss Everdeen on the trilogy 'The Hunger Games' in the big screen, or Mystique in the new X-Men, going throught winning her first Oscar in 2013 for her role in 'Silver Linings Playbook', and being nominated again on 2014 for her role on 'American Hustle'. With everything ahead of her at her short age, who can't love her? We hope you find everything you're looking for in this site, and will be back really soon!

Added new candids of Jennifer on the set of Joy in Boston on April 14, 2015. Check them out!

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Added new pictures of Jennifer at the Serena New York Screening After Party on March 21, 2015. Check them out!

Added new pictures of Jennifer at the Serena New York Screening on March 21, 2015. Check them out!

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Those who love Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper’s on-screen chemistry have plenty of films to choose from. The A-listers both costarred in David O. Russell’s 2012 film Silver Linings Playbook, and the 2013 hit American Hustle. With their next project Serena coming out on Video on Demand, Lawrence, 24, and Cooper, 40, attended the Cinema Society and Dior Beauty hosted screening of the film in NYC on Saturday March 21.

“Honestly, it’s just happenstance,” Cooper said of working so often with Lawrence. “We both got cast in Silver Linings, and she was going to this other movie and the role was open and so that worked out.”

The party took place at the Top of the Standard where guests sipped Belvedere cocktails — named Mountain Moonshine and Pemberton’s Punch, in keeping with the plot of the film.

After their chemistry in Silver Linings Playbook proved to be potent — the film earned Cooper an Oscar nomination and Lawrence a win — they decided to keep it up.

“I respect her so much as a professional, as an actor, and I think she’s the best there is,” the newly single actor said. “I just learn from her. You always want to work with people who are better than you.”

“And I feel the same way about him,” Lawrence added. And though they both cop to being each other’s work spouses, the Dior spokesmodel assured Us that there is “no sex!” in their relationship.

Jennifer and The Hunger Games scored a nomination at this years’ 2015 Kids Choice Awards to be celebrated on March 28. Be sure to go and vote at Nick.com.

Favorite Movie
– Guardians of the Galaxy
– Maleficient
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
– The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1
– Transformers: Age of Extinction

Favorite Female Action Star
– Ellen Page
– Evangeline Lilly
– Halle Berry
Jennifer Lawrence
– Scarlett Johansson
– Zoe Saldana

Jennifer Lawrence is in talks to star in a new movie! Jennifer, apparently, is in talks to star play the female lead in Sony’s new sci-fi/drama Passengers.

Variety is reporting, “Passengers is set on a spacecraft in the future, with thousands of passengers making an interstellar voyage to a distant new planet. One passenger awakens from cryogenic sleep 90 years before anyone else and decides to wake up a female passenger, sparking the beginning of a love story.”

Chris Pratt is also in early talks to play the male lead, but the movie has had a number of people attached to it in the past, so we will keep you updated.